Flyfishing for char in Nuuk
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Flyfishing for char in Nuuk

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Flyfishing for char in Nuuk

Flyfishing for char in Nuuk

Flyfishing for char in Greenland.

Arctic char is one of only two freshwater species in Greenland. The other is the threespined stickleback. The sea rund char leaves the fresh water in early spring as soon as the river breaks up to spend the spring and early summer in salt water. They return to the rivers starting in mid July where they spend the winter.Char is a fine species for flyfishing. It can be caught with any number of flies depending on the season and river. Our favorite is to fish a foam fly over schools of fish in Qussuk. If there are fewer fish it pays to fish deep as the char have a tendency to stay near the bottom of the river. However, on occasion we experience a fine dryfly fishing day.Our trips:We can custom make just about any trip you’d like. Our main attraction is the Qussuk camp which has arguably the best flyfishing in the Nuuk area. Qussuk is thus far the only river where we have a fixed camp over the season, but we are able to put up camps just about anywhere with varying degree of accommodations depending on the remoteness and mode of transportation.If you’d prefer to stay in Nuuk and do daytrips we have several great rivers available within daytrip range from Nuuk. Accomodations can be anything you’d like but we recommend staying at Inuk Hostels a bit away from downtown. On quiet days we can embark straight from the cliffs to the boat.

Rivers in Nuuk:


Our main attraction is the Qussuk river. It is a relatively slow flowing river with a medium amount of silt making the water slightly opaque. I has a very large run of large fish. It is common to catch char of 3 kg on any given trip. The largest fish we have heard of in Qussuk was 95 cm. long but was not weighed.

Eqaluit Parliit

In Danish the name is the priest’s river, is located little less than an hour sailing from Nuuk. However once there it is necessary to hike upriver about 5 k to get to the good fishing spot. The river is partially glacier fed which means slightly cloudy and the water level is temperature dependent. On warm days more meltoff from the glacier gives a slightly higher water level.The river has a good run of char starting mid july. It is a medium sized river that fishes well with flies.

Qarjat Iluat

The river flows from a point not far from the start of the Eqaluit Parliit river. The two rivers are similar in size and both have the feature of a 5 km. hike to get to the good spots.

Sangujat kuuat

Sangujat Kuuat is a small stream right across from Nuuk. It also has an associated hike to get to the top of the river right where it meets the lake. It has somewhat smaller fish that the other rivers but the advantage of being fishable with smaller flies and lighter rods. It is in this river that the Teal Red and Silver comes into play as a very good fly to fish on a light rod. We generally hike to the place where the lake runs out and then fish the upper reaches of the stream. The fishing is best from the end of July to the end of the season.


Natsilik is the run off of almost the entire Akia and has a stable run of char. The water is the clearest of the rivers that we normally fish. There is a 5 km. stretch between the salt water and the lake with lots of very fine flyfishing. In particular the areas right at the mouth of the river and right at the end of the lake are well worth visiting. The river is either a short flight from Nuuk or a 2 hour sail from Nuuk depending on the mode of transportation.Trips:The trips schedule in 2018 is subject to the Air Iceland Connect flight schedule which will be published in November 2017.

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