Qussuk Flyfishing

Try some world class fishing in Greenland.

Having test fished several rivers in the Nuuk area we are now ready to welcome you to some of the worlds best arctic Char fishing.

You will arrive in Nuuk airport in the morning. We will be there to welcome you. When everyone has arrived we will go to the helicopter that will transport us to the camp. The flight takes about 30 minutes.

We fish an area of the river that is only accessible by helicopter or by boat at spring tide. So we will have it mostly to ourselves. The river has lots of runs and pools where some of the largest char in Greenland is waiting to be tempted by foam flies.

Fishing in this river is the best we have found in the entire Nuuk fjord system. The fish are longer and heavier and more plentiful than in any other river. And there is plenty of space for all of us to fish. The part that we fish is about 4 km (2.5 miles) and there is plenty of space for everyone to fish at the same time. The largest fish we have caught in this river was 85 cm (33 inches) with a head so wide that we couldn’t grab it with one hand. Unfortunately we did not have a scale on us but we estimate it to weigh about 6 kg (12 pounds)

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