​Custom trips

We can do pretty much any custom trip that you ask for. We have a simple pricing scheme with 3 options

Half day trips of a 5 hour duration costs DKK 7.000,00-

The quarter day trips of a 7 hour duration costs DKK 9.800,00-

Full day trips hours costs DKK 14.000,00-

The full day trip starts at 8 a.m. at the earliest and ends at 8 p.m at the latest, unless otherwise agreed upon. Otherwise there are no time limits on or duration of the trip

On all trips we have water and hot beverages available during the trip but no food. We can arrange for food if asked.

We have some fishing gear available on board but be sure to ask specifically for a fishing trip if that is your wish since we normally only carry 2-3 fishing sets.

For private customers a trips is booked finally when paid for.


Cancelation by customer

If a trip is canceled on the day it was supposed to take place we refund 20 % of the price. If the trip is canceled more than a day in advance we refund 20 % plus 10 % per day in advance up to one week. Cancelation of trips more than a week in advance result in a full refund. This is for day-trips and cabin trips only.

Cancelation by Nuuk Adventure Aps

If we have to cancel due to weather, mechanical problems or sickness, and rescheduling is not an option we refund the entire price. It is the captain who decides if a trip must be canceled or not due to weather.

If we have a pickup in the fjord that gets delayed due to weather there will be no refund.