Caribou hunting class

Are you new in Greenland or do you just want to learn caribou hunting then we have an offer for you. We offer a course for new hunters, or for experienced hunters who are unfamiliar with caribou hunting and perhaps don't have a license to hunt in Greenland.

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The course contains:

Hunting theory including a bit of biology, and hunting law. Weapons theory and practical shooting. A weekend hunting trip in September or October (unlike regular hunting we can hunt in October) om Akia. How to handle the meat, how to butcher a caribou and a bit about what each piece of meat is good for. Time and place can be adjusted to the participants schedule within reason. Theory and shooting will take place in the evenings in Nuuk, the shooting near Nuuk.

The hunt:

We hunt during August-October. We make trips with up to 10 participants and 2 guides. The hunt will in most cases be centered around our cabin at Kannajorsuit on Akia. We have a zodiac and tents set up at the end of one of the lakes. On the hunt we teach a bit about how to move in the terrain, where to find the animals and how to sneak up on them. After the shooting we show how to gut them and transport the meat. We hunt Greenland-style, meaning that all of the tasks are shared between participants. The meat is also shared regardless of who shoots what.


After the hunt we meet to butcher the meat. The meat will be divided equitably between the participants and guides.

Notes about the shooting

The guides from each team will shoot the first caribou for butchering. Once we have shown how a caribou is butchered participants will have opportunities to shoot as well with a maximum of 1 caribou per participant, if we encounter more caribou. We don't have enough rifles to go around but participants are welcome to borrow rifles or bring their own both for the shooting part of the course and the hunt.

We are writing a book on hunting theory which will be available as a .pdf but only in Danish.