​Caribou hunt - Greenland style

This is a hunt Greenland-style. We hunt for meat, not trophies. We hike in, shoot, and hike out with the meat on our backs.Once in a while we come by a trophy animal that we can shoot but it is not the object of the trip. We bring 1 guide per 2-3 hunters. This means that we often need to shoot simultaneously on small flocks of caribou. The animals tend to move about in small flocks of 2-5 animals.

The hunting area may change depending on the season. The main camp we use is 3 km. hike and 3 km zodiac sailing from our cabin on Akia.

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Price includes:

  • Boat trip to camp
  • Stay i camp
  • Food
  • 1 caribou license
  • Free hunt on hare and ptarmigan (ptarmigan from Sep 1st.)
  • Use of packframe to carry meat
  • Hunters participate in all tasks. Transport of gear and meat. Cooking etc.

Price does not include:

  • Flight
  • Stay in Nuuk
  • Ammunition
  • Trophy preparation and shipment
  • Shipment of meat
  • Hunters need to bring
  • Clothes
  • Weapons and ammunition (can be bought in Nuuk)
  • binoculars

Hunters need not bring:

  • Packframes
  • Sleeping bags
  • cooking equipment or cutlery

The hunt

The hunt is not for trophy animals. The best description is a regular caribou hunt Greenland-style. We hike in and out this may mean 10 km. in and 10 km. out with a heavy packframe full of meat. The animals tend to move about in small flocks until mid September where they start to congregate in larger harems though seldom more than 20 animals at a time.

The weekends tend to be busy with a lot of hunters in the mountains but the weekdays tend to be more quiet.

If anyone wishes to shoot additional caribou they may do so at a price of DKK 2.500,00- per caribou, but they are responsible for carrying out the meat.

The camp:

The camp that we use the most is about 3 km hike in to a lake followed by a 3 km zodiac ride. The camp will have a common tent and a few sleeping tents. Count on eating a lot of caribou meat in camp.

The meat:

We cary the meat back to camp on packframes, unless someone wants to learn how to use a Greenland style headband. We have enough packframes for everyone.

Hunters from Denmark may bring back 10 kg of meat on the flight. We help with cutting the best parts from the meat and vacuum pack it before the flight home.

No meat is wasted, we will donate part of the excess meat to the homeless soup kitchen.

Hunting regulations:

Caribou may be hunted with rifles of minimum caliber equivalent to a .243

We can buy ammunition for you in advance if we are told which kind or we can stop by a store on the way to the hunt.

Hares may be hunted starting Sep 1st.

Ptarmigan may be hunted starting Sep 1st.

We prefer lead free bullets.


We expect people to bring their own weapons but we will bring a .243 and a .308 as backup weapons. Both can be rented.

Unexpected incidents and weather

It is rare that weather completely prevents us from completing a hunt. If it happens we will refund the price of the hunt. But a hunt shortened by weather will have the same price. And stay in town is not included in the price even in case of a bad weather delay.

Write to booking@nuukadventure.com for more information. We read danish and english.